AppleMaster Howard Bingham On The Mac Show

Tonightis Mac Show will feature the multi-talented Howard Bingham. Along with being an AppleMaster, Mr. Bingham is currently the Executive Producer of the new Muhammad Ali movie, staring Will Smith. Joining Mr. Bingham will be Chris Breen with some sound MACWORLD advice. According to The Mac Show:

The Featured Guest on Wednesdayis Mac Show will be AppleMaster andExecutive Producer of the new Muhammad Ali Biopic staring Will Smith,Howard Bingham. Howard is also a world famous photographer.

On the TechTips segment, sponsored by Micromatis Tech Tool Pro 3, ChrisBreen of Macworld magazine will tell us the secrets of surviving all thefun and excitement of a Macworld Expo!

In the Newsmaker of the Week segment, the Mac Show Gang will talk about thebuyout of 3dfx by NVidia.

Peter Cohen of MacCentral will be on with his "Gifts for Gamers", all thethings gamers want for Christmas.

And because this will be the special Christmas broadcast, you can expectall kinds of surprises!

Along with all of their usual cool swag to give away - Podium CoolPads, copies of Tech Tool Pro 3, T-Shirts - the prize bag gets bigger this week. Eskape Labswill be giving away a MyTV Video and TV Capture Box each week from nowthrough Macworld Expo! Tune in to win!

You can tune into The Mac Show every Wednesday evening from 9-11:00 PM EST.