AppleScript Apps In Developement. Intrigued?

A new software company, focusing on the power of products created by Appleis own AplpeScript, has opened its virtual doors. Intrigue Software, a consortium of sorts for the AppleScripting community, is celebrating their launch by updating QT Jukebox to version 1.6. According to Intrigue:

A new Macintosh company has been created, Intrigue SW. Intrigue SWis goal is to be a consortium of AppleScipters who wish to distribute their products and services under the label of one entity. This allows for the increased visibility for their products. Intrigue SW currently offers one product, QT JukeBox with a couple of more coming soon.

Intrigue SW has updated this freely available program to version 1.6 adding a new feature called a "Hot Folder". A "Hot Folder" is a folder that contains any amount of MP3is or other quicktime compatible files that contain sound. When the associated "Hot Folder" file is double clicked it automatically launches QT JukeBox and causes QT JukeBox to automatically generate a playlist from the contents of the folder on-the-fly. This allows users to simply drag and drop MP3is into the folder to have them played in QT JukeBox.

Along with the update to this product Intrigue SW has also made the source code for this program freely available to the public. This archive contains the source code to both the Playlist Composer and to the QT JukeBox applications. All future programs will also have their source distributed freely to the public within a couple of weeks of their introduction.

Intrigue SW is also currently providing one free public service. This service is called "Intrigued for Free". It offers the end user assistance in writing AppleScripts or even having them freely created to serve that users special needs or interests. The end user may be either a large corporation or an individual, the price remains the same, free!

You can find more information at the Intrigue web site.