AppleWorks For OS X Updated

Apple has updated their productivity application for OS X, AppleWorks, to version 6.2. AppleWorks includes a word processor, database, and spreadsheet module, and the new version includes improved OS X compatibility and translators for easily viewing and editing Microsoft Word and Excel documents. According to Apple:

Apple today announced AppleWorks? 6.2 for Mac OS X, an update to Appleis award-winning productivity software built for Mac OS X, Appleis revolutionary new operating system. AppleWorks 6.2 takes advantage of Mac OS X for stability and responsiveness while multiple applications are running, and the ability to automatically create a document in PDF format for viewing and sharing over the Internet. In addition, AppleWorks 6.2 includes DataViz file translators, allowing users to easily open, save and share Microsoft Word and Excel documents.

"With its hallmark ease of use, AppleWorks is one of the most popular Mac applications ever, and now itis the first productivity suite built to run on Mac OS X," said David Moody, Appleis senior director of Applications Marketing. "With downloads of the public preview topping 200,000, itis clear that Mac users are hungry to get AppleWorksi vast set of productivity features on the worldis most advanced operating system."

AppleWorks combines word processing, page layout, image manipulation, spreadsheets, databases and presentations in a single application. To help users easily and effectively express their ideas, AppleWorks provides users with direct access to a dynamic library of Internet-based templates that assist in the creation of professional looking documents, such as newsletters, business cards, mailing labels and party invitations. In addition, AppleWorks features enhanced formatting tools that enable one-click integration of text, spreadsheet, images and movies into a single document.

AppleWorks is available for US$79. You can find more information at the Apple Web site.