Apple 10-K Report Full of Financial Tidbits

Appleis 10-K Report for the fiscal year ending September 29, 2007 is full of interesting tidbits about financial compensation to its board of directors and senior VPs.

Starting on page 24 is a synopsis of the major legal proceedings against Apple. Itis a long list and spans ten pages.

On page 35 is a chart that shows details of the companyis growth from US$6.2B annual revenue in 2003 growing to $24B in 2007.

On page 87, Appleis 2007 sales were broken down by region: US$11.6B in the Americas, $5.4B in Europe, $1B in Japan, and $4.1B retail. All other segments amount to $1.75B.

Page 95 recaps the Apple Board of Directors: William V. Campbell, Millard S. Drexler, Albert Gore, Jr., Steven P. Jobs, Arthur D. Levinson, Eric S. Schmidt, and Jerome B. York. They each earn a base compensation of US$50,000/year -- except for Eric Schmidt who has declined compensation. They are also awarded the option to purchase 10,000 shares of Appleis common stock.

Page 108 recaps the base salary and total compensation of the executive team. For example, COO Timothy D. Cook pulls down a salary of US$700,000 but his total compensation including Stock Awards and Incentive Plan amounts to about US$8.4M annually. He also has about US$92M in stock that has not yet vested. The compensation for Peter Oppenheimer, Ron Johnson, and Tony Fadell is similar.

On page 113 the Board of Directors Equipment Program allows for "one or more of a limited number of free computer systems and/or additional equipment" annually. Al Gore was the top recipient, with $15,245 in free equipment.

On page 116 is a breakdown of common stock ownership in the company. The leader is Fidelity Investments with 56.5M shares or about 6.5%. Steven P. Jobs holds 5.5M shares in the company, currently valued at just under US$1B. Al Gore holds 70,000 shares valued at about $11.5M.