Apple Adds Bandwidth Upgrade Option to .Mac

Apple Computer has introduced a new upgrade option to .Mac subscribers giving them the option of upgrading their bandwidth as well as storage space.

Users can now bump up from the standard 250 megabytes (MB) of storage and 3 gigabytes (GB) monthly data transfer maximum to 1,024MB of storage and a 10GB monthly data transfer limit for US$49.95 a year.

The additional bandwidth option can be found by clicking on the iBuy Morei button on the account page (see screen image below).

Until now, .Mac members have seen bandwidth capped at 3GB per month. The new option essential puts a cap on the amount of data each account can share. With Appleis push to encourage developers to integrate their applications with .Mac, and Mac OS X 10.4, the new option will be seen by many as a way to expand usage and accomodate additional customers/

.Mac is available for $99.95 a year or for $179.95 per year for a family pack.