Apple Airs New iPod Television Commercial

Apple aired a new television commercial last night in its silhouette series of iPod advertisements. The new ad is called "Wild Postings," and builds on the themes Apple has used in its other iPod advertisements.

The new ad features a New Yorker walking down the street listening to his iPod while passing a series of iPod posters. As he passes the posters, they animate and dance in a fashion similar to past iPod commercials. He then pauses his iPod, stopping the dancing images on the posters. After looking behind him, he un-pauses the iPod and continues on (with all the posters resuming animation).

While Appleis main iPod ads have focused more on life style and branding, Appleis usual approach to advertising, the new ad also offers several close ups of the iPod in use. Some screen shots from the new ad:

Click the thumbnails to see larger screen shots

Look closely...


Closer still...

They moved!

The new spot is available on Appleis Web site.