Apple Announces Logic Pro 6 and Logic Express 6

Apple has released two new versions of Logic, the Pro 6 version and Logic Express 6. The Logic line are utilities designed for original music composition and audio scoring for films. Logic Pro 6 boasts numerous new features including multi-track recorders, support for both 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound, and sampling rates up to 192K. The Express version, aimed at students and educators, is a slimed down version of Pro, and features 28 effect plug-ins and sampling rates up to 96K. According to Apple:

Apple? today streamlined its award-winning, professional audio production software line by announcing Logic? Pro 6 for professional musicians and Logic Express 6 for students and educators. Used by over 200,000 musicians worldwide, Logic is the industry-leading audio production software for professional musicians, audio engineers, producers and film composers.

Logic Pro 6 includes Logic Platinum, the award-winning audio recording and sequencer application, and the entire line of 53 audio DSP plug-ins and professional-quality software instruments. Logic Pro 6 is a recording studio in a box with everything professional musicians and audio engineers need to compose, record, edit and mix their music, including professional software instruments, multitrack recorders, mixing desks and sound effect processors. Logic Pro 6 also includes the ability to create 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound, support for up to 128 audio tracks, virtually unlimited input channels and a sample rate of up to 192k.

Based on Logic Pro 6, Logic Express 6 is a computer music production application designed to fit the needs of students and educators with a basic set of professional tools to compose and produce music with sophisticated results. Logic Express 6 features powerful audio production tools, including over 28 effect plug-ins and sample-based software instruments. Logic Express 6 also includes support for up to 48 audio tracks, 12 input channels and a sample rate of up to 96k. Since everything learned in Logic Express 6 is directly transferable to Logic Pro 6, Logic Express 6 offers a smooth migration path to high-end audio production.

You can find more information about Logic Pro 6 and Logic Express 6 at the Apple Web site. Available this March, Logic Pro 6 will retail for US$999.00, and Logic Express will retail for US$299.00.