Apple Announces PowerBook Promo: Free CD-RW With New PowerBook G4

As MacUser UK broke, and we confirmed, yesterday, Apple has announced a new promotional offer for the PowerBook G4. If you buy a new PowerBook G4 between today and September 3rd, you will get a free VST CD-RW drive. As we broke yesterday, the unit being given away is an 8X drive, twice as fast as the VSTis previous 4X unit. The drive is also being offered in a matching Titanium color to better go with Appleis PowerBook, and the iBook too, for that matter. Like VSTis other portable CD-RW drives, this unit is bus-powered. From Appleis Web site:

Just 1 inch thick and weighing a mere 5.3 pounds, the Titanium PowerBook G4 is a design studio, mobile office, and music library all in one. And now it comes with the power to burn. Buy one between June 15 and September 3, 2001, and youill get a free SmartDisk VST FireWire CD/RW Drive to create custom CDs of anything you want. Itis the best way to burn this summer.

One source who has seen the new drives says "Of the two colors on the PowerBook Titanium one is isilveryi and the other is more white. This matches the white and has metallic accents."

You can find more information on the promotional offer at Appleis Web site.