Apple Announces WWDC 2005 Content, Student Scholarships

Apple has announced the content schedule for its 2005 World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC), the companyis annual conference for Mac and iPod developers. The company also announced details for student scholarships to attend the event.

At the WWDC site, Apple said: "With extensive coverage of Tiger and other cutting-edge Apple technologies, WWDC 2005 is certain to be the most important developer event of the year. Weive posted details on nearly 90 of the more than 140 information-rich conference sessions we are planning to deliver. Be sure to check back often for additional session and conference details as we post them."

You can find all the conference details at the WWDC Web site.

The student scholarships are intended to allow some Apple Developer Connection Student Members to get to the conference on Appleis dime.

"Donit miss this chance to become a Mac OS X Tiger technology expert and receive in-depth technical details and practical coding advice directly from Apple engineers," said the company through the WWDC site.

ADC Student Members should send their resumés to Apple, and more information is available at the site. A new Student Membership to the ADC costs US$99.

You can find more information at the WWDC Web site.