Apple Australia Gains A New Managing Director From IBM

ARNnet is reporting out of Australia that Apple Australia has announced Tony King will be its new managing director. The previous managing director, Ben Bowley, left the company in March. Tony King has worked for IBM as the companyis sales manager for the Asia-Pacific PC division, and as the chief financial officer and general manager of Dellis small business, government, and education division in Australia. From ARNnet:

Kingis background in government and education will stand him in good stead as the company prepares to unleash the G5 in August. Apple marketing director, Arno Lenior, said the company would market the new 64-bit computer beyond the expected graphics user base.

"Locally we see this as a mass opportunity," Lenior said. "Weire building our sales and marketing team to go into markets like government and defence."

You can read the full article at ARNnetis Web site.