Apple CEO Makes Time 100 List

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has once again landed on the Time 100 list. This year he was included in the Builders & Titans category and was lauded for the innovative products Apple makes.

"So far this year he has unveiled the iPhone, which has every other cell-phone maker scrambling to get a glimpse of Appleis taillights, and Apple TV, a gutsy grab for the living-room media center. Leopard, a major update to Appleis OS X operating system, is due in October," Lev Grossman writes for Time. "Meanwhile, Jobs sold his 100 millionth iPod this year, second-quarter Macintosh sales were up 36%, and Apple is showing remarkable financial vitality (and has weathered its stock-options dustup). So far, so cool."

Appleis CEO also made the Time 100 list in 2004 and 2005.

Mr. Jobs ranked high in the Time 100 reader poll. In the reader poll, Mr. Jobs took the number 11 spot, right behind U2is Bono and just ahead of Jon Stewart from The Daily Show.