Apple Celebrates 100 Million QuickTime 4 Downloads With Rolling Stone Announcement

At this weekis QuickTime Live! conference, Apple announced that QuickTime 4.x has been downloaded over 100 million times since the productis launch last year. Bouyed by the success of the Star Wars: Episode 1 movie trailer and superior cross-platform ease of use and performance, QuickTime continues to evolve as a leader in the Web media market.

Apple also announced that RollingStone magazine has pegged QuickTime as the medium for their new Web broadcasts of the RollingStone Concert series. According to Apple:

Apple today announced that more than 100 million copies of its QuickTime 4 software have been distributed to Mac and Windows users worldwide, and that is launching a special concert series site where music performances from top musical acts will be streamed exclusively in the QuickTime format. Additionally, the QuickTime TV (QTV) network now features more than 50 premium channels of video, music and news from leading international content providers.

Since its release less than a year-and-a-half ago, more than 100 million copies of the cross-platform QuickTime 4 player have been distributed worldwide. Building on the momentum of QuickTime 4, Apple today introduced a public preview of QuickTime 5, which features an updated media player with a new QTV network channel display and new audio controls; a new component downloader for adding plug-ins on the fly; and support for new web codecs including Macromedia Flash 4, Cubic VR and Shoutcast. The QuickTime 4 player for Macintosh and Windows users, as well as the QuickTime 5 Public Preview for the Mac, are available for download from

The Rolling Stone concert series will feature some of the world?s hottest musical acts like 311, Sebadoh, Blondie, Ween and B.B. King, performing at various venues around the world.

? is proud to work with Apple to present concert webcasts to music fans worldwide,? said Chris Brown, director of multimedia for, an EMusic (Nasdaq: EMUS) web site. ?With its high-quality streaming technology and rapidly-growing user base, QuickTime is an ideal medium for presenting our content.?

Channels recently added to the QTV network include: the Apple Learning Interchange, British Web Broadcasting, CiaoItaliaTV, Eveo, Future Media Concepts, HealthscoutiTV,, popwire and What?s on Web. They join the QTV network?s growing lineup of leading music, video and news providers, including:, BBC WORLD, Bloomberg,,,,, HBO, NPR, Rhino Records,, VH1, Virgin Radio, Warner Bros. Records, Inc., The Weather Channel and WGBH Boston.

The incredible adoption of QuickTime is also reflected in the growth of QuickTime Live! More than 3,200 developers and content providers are pre-registered for the second-annual event, an increase of more than 25 percent over last year. A four-day event, QuickTime Live! features more than 40 in-depth technical conference sessions, nine intensive full-day workshops, and a product showcase in which more than 60 companies will demonstrate their state-of-the-art QuickTime tools and services. The product showcase is open to the public at no charge Thursday, Oct. 12 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

You can find more information about QuickTime related news at the Apple web site.