Apple Certified Video Training Becoming a Hot 'Must Have'

NEW YORK, NY -- Certified training of Apple video solutions is fast becoming an essential part of having qualified experience and getting video production jobs in the fast growing television industry. Professionals at this weekis DV Expo East in New York are not only finding our what it takes to be a Certified Pro, but what future benefits such training can reap.

Apple is offering certification courses on Motion!, Final Cut Pro HD and DVD Studio Pro 3 during the conference. Those wanting to gain their certification in one of the three products can do so during a two-hour certification session Friday at DV Expo, or opt to take the test at a later date through other authorized training centers around the U.S. The costs vary depending on the topic.

Successful completion of the certification test gives attendees official recognition of experience in a particular software product and allows the student to market his or her self to potential employers as a skilled, pro-level user of Appleis products.

Independent Apple certified trainer Mary Plummer of InVision Digital & Media Arts in Orlando, Florida told The Mac Observer, sheis seeing an increasing number of professionals either contemplating taking certification or taking the plunge.

Apple certified trainer Mary Plummer at DV Expo East in New York, says
professional training on Mac products is becoming an essential part of getting good paying video production jobs.

"People need this training if theyire going to be one step above the others. Iive seen so many take certified training thinking that they already know the Apple software products pretty well. But when they get into it, they find out they didnit know as much as they thought. Thatis when theyire happy they spent the time and money to get certified," Ms. Plummer said.

Ms. Plummer, a professional trainer and freelance designer for clients such as Universal Studios, has seen a marked increase in people getting Apple certified training because potential employers or current employers are demanding it.

"The demand from employers is out there to have qualified designers in Motion!, Final Cut Pro HD and DVD Studio Pro 3," she said. "Right now, if you go into a potential employer and they use these products - which many do and more are every day - I have no doubt youill go to the head of the resume pile if youive got this certification."

Ms. Plummer, who is working with Apple in companyis booth at this weekis DV Expo East, told TMO that the learning and testing isnit easy.

"Iive never seen someone come in off the street who doesnit at least know a little about either the Apple products or the video production business and pass the test," Mr. Plummer commented. "You have to have the will, some experience, and some fortitude to get through this training."

While Apple offers a series of certified training books anyone can buy in bookstores, Ms. Plummer said the books donit replace hands-on training.

"Youive got to have this training if youire going to be a complete user, in my opinion." she said. "I really donit see how you can do without it."

Ms. Plummer said she is seeing an increased interest in Appleis video solutions and she is excited about the future of the platform and the video industry as a result of Appleis commitment.

"Thereis a buzz in the industry that Apple is providing complete solutions and really staying on the cutting edge," Ms. Plummer said. "Iim excited about the future and I can see the community of users is really growing."