Apple Claims More Than 10,000 Developers Building OS X Apps

Throwing support behind Saturdayis release of OS X, Apple announced that over 10,000 "Developer Organizations" are currently building, or have pledged to build, over 20,000 OS X applications. The developers already committed to OS X include such heavyweights as Aladdin, Microsoft, Macromedia, Earthlink, Connectix, Sun, and Palm.

Apple has posted information from the above developers, as well as a wide range of others, stating their current and future support for Mac OS X. Here is what some of the more prominent developers had to say:

Aladdin Systems
"Having shipped StuffIt Deluxe 6.0 as a Mac OS X application shows Aladdinis continued commitment to providing the Macintosh community with the best Internet experience possible," said Jonathan Kahn CEO of Aladdin Systems. "We are excited about the release of Mac OS X, and look forward to offering all of our award-winning software solutions for the new operating system."

"Weire very excited about the positive results weive been getting during our beta process with Maya on Mac OS X," said Richard Kerris, Director of Maya Technology at Alias/Wavefront. "For the first release of a brand new operating system, Mac OS X has a ton of power at its core, and Appleis done a great job of implementing their support for Open GL. The foundation of Mac OS X provides an open environment which will be familiar to our high-end customers, and on the surface is the amazing Aqua UI which will take Maya to a whole new market of graphic professionals."

"Weire excited for the public unveiling of Appleis Mac OS X, and we expect that people will appreciate its power and elegance as much as we have in our opportunities to preview it," said Bill Heys, executive vice president at EarthLink. "As Appleis preferred ISP, weire committed to supporting Mac OS X fully, developing software that takes full advantage of its new capabilities, and integrating it with the OS interface as seamlessly as possible."

"As a longtime supporter and partner of Apple, Macromedia is excited by todayis release of Mac OS X, which brings our developer community an impressive new platform upon which to create effective, user experiences for the Web," said Rob Burgess, chairman and CEO, Macromedia. "Macromedia is committed to bringing our market-leading Web authoring product line to Mac OS X, beginning with the next release of FreeHand, to ensure our Mac developers can help define what the Web can be on their platform of choice."

"Microsoft congratulates Apple on shipping Mac OS X, the rock-solid new foundation our Macintosh customers have been waiting for," said Kevin Browne, general manager of Microsoftis Macintosh Business Unit. "Customers will find a native version of Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.1 for Mac Preview Release installed with Mac OS X, and Microsoft looks forward to providing a great native version of Microsoft Office 10 for Mac OS X this fall."

You can find more information about OS X, and more developer reactions, at the Apple Web site.