Apple DVD-R Forum Ready For Discussion

4 Degree has created a new Web site devoted solely to the discussion and compatibility of Appleis Superdrive DVD-R discs in consumer players. DVD Compatibility Source is based on Appleis own compatibility list, and is designed to be a source for those looking for wether a DVD created with a Mac Superdrive will play on a particular player. According to 4 Degree:

Our DVD Compatibility Source has been developed after we discovered Appleis compatibility list, and spotting that our DVD player wasnit listed, so I emailed Apple telling them of my DVD-R success. Two weeks later, the site was updated, this time including my player (Samsung 709), only to state that
it failed to play DVD-R. From then, we decided to test ourselves, going to different electrical stores and trying as many display machines as possible.

As 4 Degree author DVDs for clients, itis essential to be able to recommend players for them, as well as give them a good percentage figure for the amount of machines their corporate or art dvds will be compatible with. We are a totally Mac-bases company, and are aware of how important compatibility sources are for Mac-users. We are big fans of Xlr8yourmac, MacFixit and MacInTouch to name a few, and felt we could do our bit by sharing our knowledge of DVD compatibility with the community.

It was at this point that we decided to make the Source - a base for those with DVD-R drives to submit experiences and enter into DVD related discussions and problem-solving in our forum. We hope you find our site useful, and value all your comments, and suggestions.

You can find more information about the new site at DVD Compatibility Source Web site.