Apple Developer "Best of" Award Winners Announced

Transmit 3, iSale and Delicious Library walked away with just some of the eight awards given out for best designed software products at this weekis Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco.

Among the winners were:

Best Use of Mac OS X Tiger Technologies

The recently-updated file transfer protocol application, Transmit 3 from Panic, Inc., took top spot. iSale, an eBay listing client from Equinux, took second place. OmniOutliner from The OmniGroup received honorable mention.

Best Mac OS X User Experience

Delicious Library v1.5 from Delicious Monster Software took first place. The product allows users to catalog, browse, and share books, movies, music, and video games. 3D Weather Globe & Atlas Mac OS X Edition from Software MacKiev was runner up.

Best New Mac OS X Product

ComicLife 1.1 from Plasq, an application that creates digital photo comics, took top billing. Delicious Library v1.5 took second place, followed by eDrawings for Mac 2006 from SolidWorks Corp. with honorable mention. eDrawings is a free viewing and publishing application for sharing and archiving 2D and 3D product design data.

Best Mac OS X Entertainment Product

World of Warcraft from Blizzard Entertainment took first place. Arcade racing game Jammini Racer from DanLabGames took second place.

Best Mac OS X Scientific Computing Solution

Modeling and graphics utility DataTank from Visual Data Tools, Inc. took first place, followed by medical imaging application OsiriX v1.7.1 from OsiriX. Honorable mention was given to Mathematica v5.1 from Wolfram Research, Inc.

Best Mac OS X Server Solution

Small Tree Communications and SilverStorm Technologies both took first place for their Quicksilver Software Architecture, which manages high performance cluster networks. Elektron, a network security solution from Corriente Networks, took second place.

Best Use of Open Source

OsiriX took first place, followed by 3D modeling application Blender 2.37, from the Blender Foundation. Honorable mention was given to AdiumX v0.81, a free instant messaging application for Mac OS X that can connect to AOL Instant Messenger, MSN, Jabber, Yahoo, and other online services.

Winners in each category received a Dual 2.5 GHz Power Mac G5, a 30-inch Cinema HD Display, 17-inch PowerBook G4 laptop, a premium membership to the Apple Developer Connection, and a MacWorld 2006 marketing package.

Best Mac OS X Student Product

GraphClick v2.5 from Arizona Software was given first place. GraphClick is a graph digitizer software that automatically retrieve the original (x,y)-data from the image of a scanned graph or from a QuickTime movie. iMap v.3.1 from biovolution came in second. iMap 3 is a data visualisation tool designed to map large amounts of latitude/longitude data. SonicBirth v6, an AudioUnit plug-in builder developed by Antoine Missout, received honorable mention.

The winning student developer won a 17-inch PowerBook G4, a full conference pass to the 2005 WWDC, airfare to the WWDC 2005, and lodging during the week of WWDC.

Editoris Note: Appleis Developer Connections group did not officially release the results of the winners. Our thanks to software developer David Sembrat for providing us with the list of winners.