Apple Developer Connection Looks At Aspyr's Intel Transition Efforts

The Apple Developer Connection Web site has published "Aspyris Universal Binaries Experience: Bringing Games to Intel-based Macs," a new article that takes a look at Aspyr Mediais efforts to ensure that its games work on the new Intel Macs. The company is both updating older titles so they will run on the new computers and developing universal binaries for upcoming games so that they will play on either Intel or PowerPC processors.

The article reveals that games older than two years will likely be left alone, assuming testing shows that they run well enough through the Rosetta emulation layer that Apple will include on the new computers. Aspyr is currently working first on getting Doom 3, The Sims 2, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Star Wars: Jedi Academy running well on Intel processors, as those are among their best-selling titles.