Apple Developer Connection Posts Dashboard Tutorial

The Apple Developer Connection has posted a detailed tutorial for making Dashboard Widgets. The tutorial comes a couple of days after Apple announced a contest that will give a free iPod to a developer who makes the best Widget.

Dashboard is one of the flagship features of Mac OS X 10.4, Tiger, which is expected to be released early in 2005. The software allows users run tiny, dedicated applications, or widgets, and is similar to the functionality provided by Konfabulator.

From the tutorial:

Widgets are ready to use when Dashboard is activated and disappear when the Dashboard is put away, allowing quick "at-a-glance" usage. Since Dashboard is part of the system and doesnit require the installation of any additional components, Widgets can become essential tools for users. Each Widget is task-specific and lightweight. And if a Widget needs a little bit more interface room for setting preferences, Dashboard lets them "flip" over and use the back of the Widget.


This article shows you how Dashboard Widgets work, and provides an introduction to how to develop and deliver modular functionality in bite-sized pieces.

The contest and the tutorial are both intended to bring new developers to the Mac platform. You can find more information about both at the above links to the Apple Developer Connection Web site.