Apple Drops PowerBook Prices As Much As US$300

Apple has dropped the price on the 12" and 15" PowerBooks by as much as US$300.Price drops are for all four 12" and 15" models, making the 12" product line start at just US$1,599, a US$200 drop. The 15" line now starts at US$1,999, some US$300 less than yesterdayis price. The 15" SuperDrive model dropped US$200 to US$2,599. The 17" model is still priced the same at US$3,299.

The price drops are as follows:

ModelOld PriceNew PricePrice Drop
12" Combo Drive$1,799$1,599$200
12" SuperDrive$1,999$1,799$200
15" Combo Drive$2,299$1,999$300
15" SuperDrive$2,799$2,599$200
17" SuperDrive$3,299$3,299Same

The move comes with little fanfare save the promotional spot on the main Web page of the Apple Store.

You can find the new prices at the Apple Store.