Apple Exec: iTMS For Windows Will Have Similar Usage Rights As Mac Version

Billboard has posted an article looking at the details of a keynote by Appleis Peter Lowe, where he discusses Appleis upcoming Windows version of the iTunes Music Store (iTMS). Lowe says that Apple is striving to allow users of the iTMS for Windows to have the same broad content-usage rights as Mac iTMS users. He also says that Apple has sold 300,000 iPods since the debut of the iTMS, and that music sales are not a loss-leader item to sell iPods. From Billboard:

Apple Computer says it is on pace to launch a Windows-based version of the iTunes Music Store by the end of the year, Billboard Bulletin reports. In the afternoon keynote session yesterday (July 29) at the Jupiter Plug.In conference in New York, Peter Lowe, Appleis director of marketing for applications and services, said the company intends to launch a PC service with broad content-usage rights similar to those enjoyed by iTunes consumers using Mac computers.

Additionally, Apple says it has sold more than 300,000 iPod portable players since the bow of iTunes in April. Lowe maintained that Apple is not looking to music to serve as a loss-leader business for iPod sales.

You can read the full article at Billboardis Web site.