Apple Expands 'Get a Mac' Ads

Apple has posted three more ads in the Get a Mac series to its Web site. The first, Self Pity, provides a counterpoint to a previous commercial that emphasized the Macis ability to run iLife applications compared to the PCis way with business software. PC asks Mac why heis wearing a suit, to which Mac responds that heis been running Microsoft Office for years. PC canit handle the news, lamenting "Oh, I knew this day would come," and lies down, where he says, "Just let me lie here and depreciate."

Better Results features PC saying heis just finished a home movie, to which Mac responds that he did the same thing in iMovie. An incredulous PC asks Mac to bring out his home movie, which turns out to be an attractive woman in a dress. Flabbergasted, PC tries to leave, but Mac insists that he bring out his home movie. Itis a hirsute man wearing the same dress.

PCis home movie vs. Macis creation

Finally, Counselor finds Mac and PC in a therapy session, where PC says that he feels inadequate because of his vulnerability to viruses and the fact that he canit do as much out of the box as a Mac. The counselor asks Mac to say something positive to PC, and he responds: "PC, youire a wizard with numbers and you dress like a gentleman." PC appreciates the sentiment and acknowledges that Mac is better with creative projects, "even though itis completely juvenile and a waste of time."