Apple Expo Web Site Posted

After a dissapointing Seybold, Apple Expo France is shaping up to be a monumental show. Steve Jobs has promised us that OS X Beta will be available at the show, and this is Appleis last big chance to take the wraps off an updated portable line in time for the holiday shopping season. Rumors of new iBooks, and perhaps even PowerBook G4s, will have Mac-heads all over the world interested in next weekis show. Adding more fuel to the speculative fire, Apple has launched a web site dedicated to the Apple Expo.

The site provides schedules, show information, and other important tidbits relating to the show. The site also has a special section called the Apple Expo 2000 Web Studio. The Web Studio will provide streaming QuickTime coverage of the showis events, providing an inside look for those that are unable to attend.

It is not clear from the Apple Expo site whether or not the keynote speech will be available via the Web Studio. However, one would expect at least highlights to be available from what may be the most product packed keynote in some time.

You can find more information at the Apple Expo web site.