Apple Extends iTools-To-.Mac Conversion Registration Until October 14th

Apple has announced an extension for iTools members wanting to convert their existing accounts to .Mac accounts. The company had set September 30th, today, as that deadline, after which iTools accounts would be cleared out, and closed down. The company has extended the deadline to October 14th, instead. Earlier this month, Apple announced that 100,000 iTools members had made the conversion. The letter sent to iTools members cites last minute requests from users for the extension. That letter:

Dear iTools member,

In response to many last minute requests, weive extended the opportunity to join .Mac at the special US$49.95 iTools member price to October 14, 2002. Your E-mail account, HomePage address, and iDisk will remain active and accessible until then, so you still have time to retrieve any files and data you have there, and to notify correspondents to stop using your E-mail address before mail sent to it starts bouncing. For more information on preserving your data, read the .Mac FAQ.

Of course, what we hope youill do with the extra time is sign up for .Mac instead. At only US$49.95 for a membership that wonit expire until September 30, 2003, itis a true bargain when measured against all it delivers -- outstanding ISP-independent e-mail with 15MB of storage on Apple servers, web page hosting and 100MB of iDisk storage also on Apple servers, McAfee Virex virus protection software, Backup software from Apple, and tight integration with Appleis iApps like iPhoto, iCal and now the beta release of iSync. Together they make it incredibly easy to use the Internet to share your photos and calendars and keep your contact and calendar information synchronized when you use more than one Mac.

And weire just getting started. Take advantage of the savings and join us today.

The Mac Team
Apple Computer

You can find more about .Mac at Appleis Web site.