Apple Files Annual Salary Report

Apple filed its annual salary report with the SEC on Monday reveling that Apple CEO Steve Jobs was paid US$1 for his services in 2006 and was not eligible for a bonus, just like 2004 and 2005. In contrast, the companyis CFO, Peter Oppenheimer, earned a $615,006 salary, a $450,000 bonus, and $14.4 million in restricted stock, and exercised stock options worth $56 million.

COO Tim Cook received a salary of $696,880, a $525,000 bonus, and restricted stock valued at $21.6 million. Senior VP of Retail, Ronald Johnson was paid $592,476, earned a $450,000 bonus and was awarded $14.4 million in restricted stock.

The company also received several shareholder proposals including a request for the election of seven members to the board along with proposals for changes to the employee and director stock option plans. Apple will be discussing the proposals during its regular shareholder meeting scheduled for May 10.