Apple, HP Hit with Online Store Patent Suit

The Texas-based Clear With Computers claims that Apple and HP are violating patents it holds for online form-based sales systems. The company filed its case in the Texas Eastern District Court on June 18 and is seeking a permanent injunction to stop both Apple and HP from using their online computer ordering systems.

The key complaint in the Clear With Computers (CWC) suit is that the two companies are offering online configuration systems that let customers design their own customized computer. The Marshall, Texas-based company holds two patents that describe a similar Web-based configuration system.

As far back as 1996, CWC was selling software to companies like Renault, General Motors and Volvo that let sales representatives show product features to customers and then let those customers make purchases online.

In addition to a permanent injunction, CWC is also seeking damages for deliberate infringement. Apple and HP have not commented on the suit.

[Thanks to AppleInsider for the heads up.]