Apple: Holiday Product Line Set

Apple shot down the rumors on Tuesday that it still has new product announcements to spring on shoppers before the holiday buying season. Rumors had been circulating that Apple was planning on introducing new desktop Mac models in early November, according to Macworld.

Apple spokesman Bill Evans commented "Our holiday line-up is set."

The revelation means that shoppers hoping to pick up refreshed iMac, Mac mini, or Mac Pro models will have to wait until 2009. They may not, however, have to wait too long since Apple has a history of introducing my computer models during Macworld Expo at the beginning of January.

Apple hasnit said whether or not it will announce new Macs at the expo and conference in San Francisco, but it does look to be the most likely venue for product updates. The company does not comment on upcoming products or rumors, however, so hopeful Mac buyers will have to wait until the beginning of January to see if Apple surprises us with something new.