Apple, IBM/Lenovo Top Reliability Report

RescueCom has issued its first annual Computer Reliability Report, placing IBM/Lenovo at the top of the list, with Apple following a close second. Based on more than 20,000 service calls to the company, the report gives each vendor a score based on the frequency of calls it received for that companyis products, with the results weighted to take market share into account.

IBM last year sold its PC business to Chinese company Lenovo, so results for both firms were lumped into one score, which was 243. Apple scored 201, and the next closest competitor was HP/Compaq, with 12. Dell scored 4, Gateway had a negative 12 rating, and the catch-all "Others" category came in at negative 16.

RescueCom used Gartneris market share data from 2003 to 2006. The table below shows how the company mixed that percentage with the percentage of calls it received for computers belonging to each vendor to come up with an overall reliability score.

Thanks to Macworld UK for the heads-up.