Apple Is "Climbing the Ivory Tower," Says BusinessWeek

BusinessWeekis Alex Salkever has been busy this week. The magazine has published a series of special reports on Apple, including some from Alex Salkever, as well as computer editor Peter Burrows. Today, Mr. Salkever penned his regular Byte of the Apple column about Appleis deal with Motorola, as well as another special report on what he says is Appleis increasing success in higher education. In that report, Mr. Salkever highlights some of Appleis specific successes on college campuses, including some sales numbers. From the report:

Berkeley isnit the only campus where Macs are flying off the shelves. While the percentage of Macs sold at the Scholars Workstation is far higher than Appleis market share as tracked by PC market-research firms, CEO Steven P. Jobs and his troops have clearly been on a college roll. In each of the past three quarters, Apple has posted 40% increases in year-over-year sales for this segment.

During the first half of its current fiscal year, Apple posted an 18% bump in year-over-year education sales. And most of that has come from higher education, since the K-12 market has remained almost flat for Apple (see BW Online, 8/3/04, "Appleis Back-to-School Blast"). Clearly the Mac is climbing the Ivory Tower.

Whatis behind the college revival? Credit Appleis one-two laptop punch -- the lower-end iBook and the more powerful PowerBook, which are packing a wallop. "They have the right products at the right time," says Kenneth C. Green, director of the Campus Computing Project

Thereis much more in the full report, including more specific numbers on Appleis growth in this market, and comment from analysts on Appleis potential.