Apple Launches .Mac Affiliate Program

Apple continues to expand it grassroots marketing efforts, launching today a .Mac affiliate program. The program allows Web sites to refer new memberships to .Mac, Appleis Internet services suite, and earn a US$15 commission for doing so. The details on the program from Apple:

Youire invited to partner with .Mac, Appleis suite of Internet essentials, as a .Mac affiliate. More than half a million Apple customers use .Mac to make the Internet the ultimate Mac experience -- and now your customers can, too.

As a .Mac affiliate, you can:

  • Get a US$15 commission for every new paid .Mac subscription that you generate.
  • Promote .Mac directly to your customers from your Web site, newsletters, and e-mail blasts.
  • Download Apple-designed marketing materials that come with unique URLs that enable precise tracking of your daily .Mac sales activity.
  • Receive the .Mac Affiliate Newsletter and stay up-to-date on new product updates, special promotions, and more.
  • Partner with LinkShare, provider of the technological interface that enables .Mac affiliates to create .Mac sales links, track performance, and get paid.

Affiliate marketing was trail blazed by Amazon in the early days of the Internet, and Apple has recently begun stepping up its own affiliate efforts. The .Mac affiliate program joins an iTunes Music Store affiliate program begun earlier this year, as well as an affiliate program for the Apple Store itself which has been in operation for several years.

You can find more information on Appleis .Mac affiliate program at the companyis Web site.