Apple Launches PowerBook "White Spot" Repair Program

Apple has launched a repair program for PowerBooks with "white spot" problems. The problem occurs in what Apple says is a "limited number" of PowerBooks that have white spots that show up on their displays. The program is called the "15-inch PowerBook G4 Display Repair Extension Program," and it allows users afflicted with this problem to have their displays replaced. From Appleis program page:

What is the 15-inch PowerBook G4 Display Repair Extension Program?
A limited number of 15-inch PowerBook G4 computers exhibit a display issue which may cause faint white spots to appear on the screen over time. The 15-inch PowerBook G4 Repair Extension Program is a worldwide program covering replacement of LCDs that exhibit these white spots. Your PowerBook G4 serial number must fall between one of two serial number ranges:

  • V7334xxxxxx to V7345xxxxxx
  • QT331xxxxxx to QT339xxxxxx

These computers were manufactured from July 2003 through November 2003. PowerBooks with the serial numbers listed above may be referred to as:

  • PowerBook G4 15-inch Aluminum (1GHz G4 or 1.25GHz G4)
  • PowerBook G4 Titanium (867MHz G4 or 1GHz G4)

There is much more information about the problem and the repair program at Appleis Web site.