Apple Letter Upsets Third Grader

A form letter response sent from Apple computer to a nine-year-old girl left her family so upset that they called their local television station. According to CBS13, Shea OiGorman decided to send a letter to Apple CEO Steve Jobs after learning about writing letters in school. In the letter, she offered her suggestions for improvements to the iPod nano.

Instead of a response from Mr. Jobs, she received a form letter from Appleis law department informing her that the company does not accept unsolicited ideas, and also told her not to send any more suggestions. Appleis Web site explains the company policy, and also offers a Web page with links to feedback forms.

Sheais mom commented "We were stunned, we just were stunned, is the best word to say. It just wasnit the appropriate type letter to send to a third grader who had the initiative to write to them."