Apple Looking For Enterprise Foothold In Australia

According to an article at ARNnet, Apple Australia is looking towards the PC world for new customers for its enterprise and storage server solutions. Arno Lenior, Apple Australiais marketing director, is quoted as saying that OS Xis Unix roots, along with the Xserve and Xserve RAID products, have helped that push. The article goes on to look at retailers, and their role in the enterprise push. From ARNnet:

"Most major organizations run their back end systems on UNIX," Lenior said.

Apple has made its own investment by adding staff to tackle the enterprise market while resellers including Next Byte and Apple Centre Taylor Square are making a similar play. "Weive expanded our sales and engineering teams in Canberra," Lenior said. The vendor was also adding staff in Sydney who would focus on the mid-size market, he said.

Appleis largest reseller, Next Byte, recently opened a specialised enterprise technology division to concentrate on Appleis Xserve and Xraid products. Managing director, Adam Steinhardt, said the reseller group was seeing opportunity in its school and university customer base, that were traditionally early adopters.

Thereis lots more information in the full article at ARNnetis Web site, including comments from one of Appleis retailers who says that his company hasnit had any bites from big customers yet, but that it is a long-term project.