Apple Lowers iMac Price In UK, Sweetens The Deal For US Retailers

News.comis Ian Fried reports that Apple has lowered the price of iMacs in the UK by ?100 in an effort to stimulate sales. From the article titled Apple cuts iMac prices in U.K.:

Faced with sluggish PC demand and a slumping dollar, Apple Computer has trimmed the price of flat-panel iMacs in the United Kingdom.

The low-end model now sells for 1,149 pounds ($1,792.53), a 100-pound price cut. The mid-range version, which comes with a combination drive that can burn CDs and play DVD movies, now sells for 1,349 pounds ($2,104.55), a 50-pound price cut.

According to dealers, Apple has also lowered the so-called minimum advertised price of the low-end iMac model in the United States. Although Apple is still selling the model itself for $1,399, dealers can advertise the machine for as low as $1,299 without losing promotional benefits from Apple. Apple has not lowered the price it charges dealers for the machine, one dealer said.

Indeed, a quick check at MacMall, MacZone, and ClubMac and we found $1299 G4 iMacs, some with added memory and other add-ins to sweeten the pot.