Apple Mac Sales and Fortune 500 Projection

Apple has steadily increased its total Mac sales world-wide in the last year. Here are the numbers which include todayis 1Q report.

FY 1Q 2007  - 1.606 M
FY 4Q 2006  - 1.610 M
FY 3Q 2006  - 1.327 M
FY 2Q 2006  - 1.112 M
FY 1Q 2006  - 1.254 M

Of course the real story is the iPod sales which amount to about 100 million to date. At this pace, Apple will be a US$25B company or better for FY2007 and land at about #80 in the Fortune 500. Microsoft was #48 in 2006 with US$40B in sales.