Apple Offers Details On Panther's Improved iDisk Support

Among the many improvements to Appleis forthcoming OS X 10.3 is something .Mac subscribers will be interested in--a faster and improved system for accessing iDisks. Apple is offering details on this at the .Mac site that augments the information offered by Steve Jobs during Pantheris introduction during the WWDC keynote in June.

The new features for iDisk include improved speed, easy access, local caching, and offline access. All of these things will be built into Panther, expected to be released before the end of 2003. It should be noted that this page is not new, having seemingly gone up shortly after the WWDC, but the information is important enough to warrant a mention now. From Apple:

iDisk, .Macis online storage service, is faster and more convenient when you use it with Mac OS X v10.3 Panther. Thanks to an entirely new architecture for accessing iDisk, .Mac members who upgrade to Mac OS X Panther will get incredible performance and the ultimate convenience of offline access and automatic synchronization between the desktop and the Internet.

Hereis whatis in store with iDisk for Panther:

  • Incredible performance and speed
    Working with the files in iDisk is as fast as working with your Mac. A copy of your iDisk content is kept on your local hard drive, so thereis no delay in browsing your directory, opening files, or saving files.
  • Ultimate Convenience
    iDisk for Panther remains visible in your Finder, so itis as easy to access and use as your hard drive. Work on iDisk files without having to wait to upload or download them.
  • Automatic synchronization
    The all-new iDisk architecture keeps a copy of your files on your local hard disk, then regularly and automatically synchronizes any changes you make to Appleis servers. Your latest changes are accessible from anywhere, so if you use multiple Macs youill have the same up-to-date files available directly from the Finder on any of them.
  • Offline Access to iDisk
    Use iDisk files even when youire not connected to the Internet. When you reconnect, all your changes are synchronized to your iDisk online.

You can find more information at Appleis .Mac page.