Apple Offers Free Replacement For Missing PowerBook G4 Adapters

In todayis Apple eNews e-mail newsletter, the company announced a replacement adapter for some PowerBook G4 owners. Some recent PowerBook G4s have shipped without S-video to composite adapters, and Apple has set up a Web page for getting a free replacement. From Appleis eNews:

Did you recently purchase a new PowerBook G4 computer If so, you may want to check to see if you received an S-video to composite adapter. The adapter lets you connect your PowerBook to the composite connector on a television, VCR, or video projector. Normally found in the accessory kit, the adapter was omitted from some recently shipped PowerBook G4 computers.

We apologize for the oversight and would like to send an S-video to composite adapter, free of charge, to anyone who didnit receive one.

Apple has a Web page with details on the missing adapters and the fulfillment program.