Apple Offers Free VST FireFly Hard Drive With Upgraded PowerMac Or PowerBook

Our site noted that Apple is offering a free FireFly 5 GB FireWire hard drive with upgraded PowerMac or PowerBook orders. The FireFly hard drive uses the same hard drive mechanism that Apple uses for the iPod, meaning it is quite small. The deal requires you to upgrade a PowerMac G4 or PowerBook G4 order at the online Apple Store with one (or more) of several upgrade options. The details from the promo site:

Terms and Conditions
While supplies last, the Apple Store will ship a free SmartDisk FireFly 5 GB FireWire Hard Drive (T4449LL/A) with each custom-configured PowerMac G4 or PowerBook G4. To participate in this promotion, configure and order a PowerMac G4 or PowerBook G4 online from the Apple Store and upgrade any of the following options:

Hard drive
Optical drive
Graphics card
Removable storage
SCSI support
Airport card

The following terms and conditions govern this offer:

The qualifying options are those upgrades that require additional payment. Standard or base configurations for the purchased computer do not qualify. The purchase price for the computer that you order must exceed that of the basic configuration from which you configure your computer.

  • This offer is not valid with the purchase of refurbished equipment.
  • You must be an end-user purchaser, and not a reseller, to obtain this promotional offer.
  • Offer not valid in conjunction with Campus Reseller or Education institutional purchases. Campus Reseller and Education institution pricing and promotional offers supersede this offer.
  • Products offered through Appleis Employee Purchase Plan, Developer
  • Purchase Plans, or QPromo are NOT eligible for this instant savings offer. Pricing and promotional offers through Appleis online store,
  • Employee Purchase Plan, Developer Purchase Plans, or QPromo supersede this offer.
  • This offer is not valid in conjunction with any other Apple offer or promotion, except as otherwise specifically permitted by the terms and conditions of such other offer or promotion. This offer is valid in conjunction with Appleis "Powerful Offer", "Go Wireless", "Together at last", "Music on. $100 off.", & "Big Deal" promotional offers.
  • This offer is void where prohibited or restricted by law.
  • Apple is not responsible for printing errors.
  • Apple reserves the right to change the terms and conditions, substitute other premiums of equivalent value, or end the offer at any time without notice.

You can find more information on the offer at Appleis Web site. You can find the mention at that site. Our site offers a listing of the latest Mac deals on the Internet, and sometimes the brick and mortar world too.