Apple Offers Free iPhoto Prints & A Free Game To .Mac Members

Apple is continuing its campaign to attract new .Mac members by adding new features, and in this case offering free stuff, to existing members. The company sent out a letter to members that offers 100 free prints through iPhotois digital photo printing service to current members. People who sign up before October 31st of 2002 can also take advantage of the offer. Members who have checked out the offer have told us that one needs to sign up for the offer through the letter, and that the photos need to be ordered before the end of December. Make sure you check your .Mac account for more information.

Apple is also offering a free copy of Alchemy Deluxe, a puzzle game from PopCap Games, to members, or take advantage of a US$5 discount for PopCapis Bejeweled Deluxe, another puzzle game. A snippet of the letter sent to members:

Special for .Mac Members
In the two and a half months since we introduced .Mac, weive welcomed thousands of new members. Now weid like to say thank you with some great "welcome" gifts for joining the .Mac community. This is just a taste of things to come, with more downloads, gifts, and special deals for .Mac members on the way.

Get 100 free 4x6 Kodak prints (a $49 value) from your iPhoto digital photo collection -- itis the perfect way to share the coolest images from your digital portfolio with friends and family. All full .Mac members and anyone who joins .Mac before Oct. 31, 2002 will enjoy this special deal. Get details on how to activate free print ordering for your account.

Ready for some more .Mac magic? A free copy of Alchemy Deluxe, the mind-bending puzzle game from PopCap Games, is ready for full .Mac members to download. Trial members can check out a shareware version of Alchemy Deluxe from their iDisk Software folder.

Both full and trial .Mac members will enjoy a $5 discount on PopCapis Bejeweled Deluxe -- the Macintosh desktop version of the online puzzle game chosen as "Game of the Year" by Handheld Computing. Download the free shareware version from your iDisk, then use the .Mac member discount to upgrade to a full copy.

.Mac is the retooled iTools service, and requires a US$99 per year subscription. You can find more information on .Mac at Appleis Web site.