Apple Offers US$200 Instant Rebates On iMac DV+ & iMac DV SE

It would seem that Apple is ready to clear out its high end iMac product line in advance of next monthis MACWORLD Tokyo. Apple is offering an instant US$200 rebate on the iMac DV+ and iMac DV SE, and that translates into a price tag that is US$200 less. The iMac DV+ is now effectively US$1099, while the iMac DV SE is effectively priced at US$1299. Apple is also offering rebates for purchasing the HP 648C inkjet printer that includes two US$50 rebates, one from Apple and one from HP, when purchasing the US$99 printer with your iMac. According to Apple:

Save $200 instantly when you purchase an iMac DV+ or iMac DV Special Edition.*

Need a printer too? From now until February 2, 2001, you can buy an HP 648C for $99 and get a $100 back after rebate.

Choose the standard iMac DV+ or iMac DV Special Edition and get $200 off the price of your computer.

If you want to add memory or AirPort to your iMac system, you must call 1-800-MY-APPLE and refer to promotional code iMACREBATE to receive the $200 savings.

*See terms and conditions for promotion rules.

You can get more information on Appleis iMac rebate page.