Apple Opens Video Training Center in India

Hereis a bit of trivia you may not know: India produces more movies, more than 800 a year, than any other country in the world, including the U.S. of A. This is a fact that apparently has not escaped Apple. According to the The Hindu, Indiais national newspaper, Apple Computer International has recently opened a training center for video and broadcasting professionals. From The Hindu:

The training centre boasts of the latest hardware and software solutions from Apple for advanced training in video technology and multimedia applications.

Speaking on the occasion, Peter Barber, manager, Digital Video Market, Apple Asia pacific said the institute will impart training on Appleis "Final Cut Pro" and Cinema Tools software to film makers, video professionals and students for film making, editing and broadcasting.

He said the "Final Cut Pro" video editing solution from the company was a most advanced innovative video editing solution that offered unprecedented power and flexibility.

Check out the full article at The Hindu online.