Apple Outranks Google In 2003 US Brand Survey, Gets 2nd Worldwide

BBC News Online has posted an article ranking the top five brands of 2003. While Google outranked Apple in the global arena -- Apple came in at a respectable second -- the real story lies in the US market. Apple topped Google in the US, clinching the top slot according to Interbrand, a group of 4,000 industry experts. From the article:

Internet search engine Google was the top brand of 2003, a survey of 4,000 branding professionals has concluded.

The rankings, compiled by industry experts Interbrand, were made on the basis of the "impact" the brands had during the year. Computer company Apple came second, after seeing its iPod music machine become a must-have Christmas present. The Mini car, a motoring icon that starred in movie blockbusters and was re-invented by BMW, came third.


In Brandchannel.comis survey, Sony topped the list in the Asia-Pacific region.

Home furnishings company Ikea came first in Europe and Africa, while construction firm Cemex was number one in Latin America. Apple, meanwhile, outshone Google in the US.

But it is the global picture that is becoming more and more important as better communications and faster travel shrinks the world, said Ms Rusch.

You can read the full article at BBC News Online Web site.