Apple Pays Tribute To George Harrison (With Screen Shot)

Over the weekend, Apple paid tribute to former Beatle George Harrison, who died on Friday. Apple has had images of Mr. Harrison featured on its home page since late Friday or early Saturday morning. Those images take the place of Appleis regular product imagery, and dominates the home page. Underneath the image is a link to some QuickTime content about George Harrison on CNNis Web site. Unlike most of the images that occupy this space, the images of George Harrison to not link to another part of Appleis Web site.

Click the thumbnail for a larger version of this screen shot.

Apple is running several different images of George Harrison from different times in his life. As of this writing, the tribute images are still at Appleis home page. Thanks to TMO forum mod David Nelson for alerting us to this in our forums, and thanks to Observer Darla for her assistance with this piece.