Apple Posts Airport Express FAQ

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Appleis new AirPort Express is designed to do many things: Itis a wireless switch, a printer server, and a wireless music client for iTunes. But does it make waffles?

While we are sure that there isnit a waffle making feature included with AirPort Express, you may have other questions about its features and abilities. Apple has posted a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for AirPort Express that gives you the facts. One of the questions and answer from the FAQ:

Question: I have a third-party 802.11b wireless access point. I want to put AirPort Express next to my home theater and stream iTunes to it. Can AirPort Express join the third-party network?

Answer: Yes. AirPort Express can join a third-party network in client mode.

Check out the entire FAQ at Appleis Document Info Web site.

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