Apple Posts Five "Xmovies" On Its Mac OS X Site

Our friends at the MacNN forums have posted a link to so-called "Xmovies" at Appleis Mac OS X site promoting Mac OS X. There are five movies, titled "Zoom," "On the Loose," "Junk Mail," "Find Yourself" and "Express Yourself," and we havenit seen them before. Respectively, they feature Quartz, the furry Mac OS X logo, Mail, Sherlock and iChat.

With the exception of "On the Loose", the movies attempt to push specific features of Mac OS X. "On the Loose" features Mac OS X "Jaguaris" large, furry X logo doing cartwheels and being carried around in public places.

Like the recent Santa Switcher movies featuring Will Ferrell, the Xmovies are only available online. We have not been able to find links to the movie page from any other page within Appleis site.

Itis National "Take Your X To Work" Day.

You can find the movies at Appleis Mac OS X Theater page.