Apple Posts New Developer Article On CVS & Mac OS X

The Apple Developer Connection (ADC), Appleis resource for developers, has posted a new article today on the Concurrent Versions System, or CVS. CVS is a development tool that makes it easier for multiple progammers (or users) to maintain a concurrent code base when working on, or using, projects in development. The new article from the ADC explains how to work with this invaluable tool in Mac OS X. From that article:

The Concurrent Versions System (CVS) is a powerful open-source tool for source code maintenance. It is provided on the the Developer Tools CD that accompanies Mac OS X or as a part of Mac OS X Developer Tools online. This article covers some of the most commonly used features of CVS, with emphasis on using CVS with static and interpreted web files (HTML, PHP, Perl, etc).

Getting Started
CVS comes with Mac OS X; so you donit need to install anything new if youive installed the programs on the Developer Tools CD or downloaded the developer tools from

There is a lot more in this article, and if you are interested in developing for Mac OS X, itis an important read. You may also wish to check out our own Coderis Corner in the TMO forums.