Apple Posts Panther Intro Video, With Panther Highlights

If you pay any attention at all to the Mac community, you already know that Apple released the latest version of OS X, called Panther, on Friday, October 24, 2003. You may have attended on of the many in-store "parties" on the night of the release, and you may already have your copy loaded up, reading this article through the latest version of Safari.

If, however, youive been busy for the past few months and would like to know what all the hubbub over Panther is all about, take heart; Apple has released an introductory video which hits the highlights of Panther. This is the same video that was shown this weekend in Apple Store locations that have a theater. For those who missed it, itis now on the Web.

The video features Omar, who demos the new Finder, Mail, Expos? and a few other of the 150 new features in OS X, version 10.3. If you havenit had a chance to check out Pantheris features for yourself, you should waste no time popping over to Apple for a look at the video.