Apple Posts Star Wars Episode II Trailer, QuickTime Exclusive

Continuing the Steve Jobs/George Lucas connection from our Monsters, Inc. story this morning, Apple and Lucasfilm have jointly released the same Star Wars Episode II trailer that is showing exclusively with Monsters, Inc. (exclusively in theaters, that is) as a QuickTime movie. From the official Star Wars Web site:

The new Episode II Teaser Trailer opened November 2nd, exclusively in theaters with Monsters, Inc.. At 60 seconds, it goes by fast, so Lucasfilm and Apple are pleased to provide members the "Breathing" teaser in three high-quality versions to view on your computer. This online version is available exclusively in QuickTime 5, Appleis industry-leading digital video software.

You can find the trailer at the Star Wars site, where you have to sign up as a member to view it, or at Appleis QuickTime trailer Web site.