Apple Posts SuperDrive/iDVD Compatibility List

The introduction of the SuperDrive and Appleis iDVD authoring software at last monthis MACWORLD Expo was seen as a breakthrough in personal computer functionality. Many have wondered if DVDis created with Appleis new high-end system will run, as promised, on their home DVD player.

To answer that question, Apple has posted a compatibility list on their Web site. The list categorizes home DVD players into Compatible, Marginal, or Not Compatible. If you are interested in throwing your hat into the DVD creation ring, be sure to check the compatibility list. According to Apple:

The Apple SuperDrive writes to DVD-R 4.7 gigabyte General Use media. These discs are playable in most standard DVD players and computer DVD-ROM drives. The following table lists players that we have specifically tested for playability. If your player is not on the list, that does not mean it is not compatible, only that we have not tested it yet.

This list is updated regularly, so check back if you donit see your particular model here.

You can find the SuperDrive/iDVD compatibility list at the Apple Web site.