Apple Posts Two Will Ferrell Parody Switch Ads, TMO Rounds Up Other Switch Parodies

You either like Appleis Switch ads or you donit, there doesnit seem to be a lot of middle ground. Lucky for Apple more people like the ads than not, but no matter how you feel about Appleis ads you canit help but snicker at some of the parodies that are popping up all over the Net.

Even Apple has apparently chuckled over Saturday Night Live alumnus Will Ferrellis poke at the Switch ads in which he plays an off-beat Santa. They are the first parodies featured on Appleis site. In one called "Santa and The Lawyers," Santa talks about some legal trouble over holiday terminology. In "Santais iPod," Santa tells us whatis on his iPod, as only Will Ferrell can. Who says Steve Jobs doesnit have a sense of humor?

Of course, there are other fun Switch parodies that we think are just as funny, check these out:

Check iem out. If you know of any others, drop us a line.