Apple Promotes Financing On New Macs In New Promo

Apple has announced a new promo that touts its financing options on new Macs. The Apple Instant Loan is offering finance rates "as low as 9.99%," much lower than it has been in the past, though the fine print says those rates are not guaranteed, and are subject to change. Accordingly, the company is pushing the ability to buy a new Mac "for as little as US$19 per month." That kind of monthly pricing is for a US$799 eMac. Apple is also providing a calculator for figuring monthly rates on other prices, as well. From the description of the offer, which is called "Easy on your budget:"

With six-months same-as-cash and annual percentage rates as low as 9.99%, getting the Apple products you need has never been easier. Apply for the loan at checkout and in most cases will have a decision for you in 30 seconds.

A Loan with Great Benefits
The Apple Instant Loan comes with great benefits including:

  • Line of credit up to $10,000
  • Annual Percentage Rate as low as 9.99%
  • Low monthly payments.
  • No prepayment penalty - pay off your loan as fast as you want.
  • No origination or annual fee.

Limited Time Offer
Act Now! And donit pay for your purchases until 2004. With six-months same-as-cash and annual percentage rates as low as 9.99%, you can purchase the Mac of your dreams. Apply now - itis quick and easy.

Want flexibility? Youire covered.
The Apple Instant Loan is a line of credit enabling you to make additional purchases such as adding a printer, memory, or hot new Mac OSX software. With one-click convenience, completing a purchase on the Apple Store is just a mouse-click away.

Apple and MBNA have made financing so easy, the hardest part may be choosing between one of our popular configurations or custom building your own dream Mac.

To find the new promo, hit the Hot Deals page for the Apple Store. The offer is called "Easy on your budget," and you can click through to the Apple Store and the information page on the promo by clicking the appropriate link. From there, you can click through to an "Apply now" button. Make sure you read the information page for the fine print on the deal.